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Our team of bird lovers aim to help kids, parents and all bird lovers to ensure their macaw parrots feel loved, happy, comfortable and secured. We can take an active role in supporting relationships between macaw parrots and people through consistency and shared experiences with our partners and clients.
Macaw Parrots Shop is family of bird lovers with generational experience and specialize in the breeding, training, taming and rehoming of different types of parrots.  Originally started as a small rescue home, our love and care for parrots grew and inspired us to open an exotic parrot shop making a home for Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon, African Grey parrots and all parrots breeds we came across.

We love all types of parrots, and our experience and scope of access have led us to specialize in these different types in order to provide each of our birds with the attention required to attain complete nurturing, development, taming, training and socialization..

Parrot Care:             Our Priority

Macaw Parrots shop offers some other services alongside their numerous and exotic bird species, bird cages of different sizes, and birds feed. We also do Bird Boarding and grooming which involves Feather and Beak trimming, Nail trimming. occasionally Wing Preening, bathing and Spraying also are done.

It is extraordinary and wonderful to connect pets and people everyday. When this happens, a unique bond is formed that results in something more powerful, way beyond pets and people, but in a way that makes the world a better place for all living creatures. We have as mission to foster and nurture that relationship completely.

We offer caring counsel and complete care commitment to meeting the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of pets. When it comes to sharing a lifetime of moments with our pet birds, there is nothing more important.

”At Macaw parrots shop, We love birds, what about You?”

 Macaw Parrots shop offers fertile Eggs of Macaws and other parrot species to Breeders and other individuals with intentions to breed.

– We assure timely delivery and proper catering of the pet from farm to shipping agency and to any location the buyer may request.

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Our Team of Veterinanian is at your service

Macaw Parrots shop also have an internal Certified Avian Veterinarian who ensures and assures the health of the birds. We all feel very sad to encounter a pet parrot who has been degraded to feather plucking and we are committed to preventing such situations. We are always on hand to provide advice, tips and support before, during and after the purchase of any bird from us.


We are parrot lovers

Premium Parrot Upbringing is assured in our hands.

Macaw parrots shop guarantees a minimum standard of good behavior to be expected of birds bred and nurtured by us. We have dedicated departments for weaning, taming, training, socialization and evaluation of the birds. We follow a standardized procedure of raising and preparing baby birds for their new homes, which is flexible enough to adapt to the varying natures of the birds.


Macawparrotshop at your service.

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